Peas please

Turns out C is a big fan of sugar snap peas. Seriously, huge.  Who knew?!

She clung hopefully on to this particular pack of peas all the way around our local Aldi, all the while gurgling, laughing and occasionally shouting at our fellow shoppers, and brandishing her precious peas.

See that little tear in her eye? That’s from when I cruelly prised the packet from her hands in order to pay for it at the till.

Yeah, I’m mean, aren’t I?!

It’s ok though, the tears disappeared quickly as soon as the peas were back safe in her hands.

I guess I should be grateful that she takes a shine to a humble (if slightly middle class), healthy vegetable, instead of the sorts of things I take a shine to in Aldi – craft books, kids jodhpurs, wetsuits…

One thing’s for sure, if I could keep my purchases as modest and practical as this we’d have a lot more space in our house!

Going Solo


Daddy is back at work this week, which means I’ve been left in charge of both kids on my own – eek!

I say both kids, but that’s not entirely true. We have a fabulous childminder who G is spending Monday to Wednesday mornings with, and who is dropping her off at school nursery, giving C and I the bulk of the day to do things together for at least part of the week.

Mostly, this of course comprises of feeding, crying and sleeping (more C than I on all counts), although this week we’ve also managed a trip to my office, a yummy mummy style lunch, a couple of shopping trips, midwife and health visitor appointments, and registering C at the doctors. Not bad going for week one, I reckon.

Today really is the first day with both kids, and we marked it by miraculously getting everyone up, fed, dressed and out of the door by 9am, to take C to the doctors to see if they can help with her silent reflux, which has been increasingly problematic over the last week or so. This was swiftly followed by a morning singing songs to C, and then playing with balloons whilst she was sleeping.

After dropping G at school, C and I made a trip to the Trafford Centre to spend some Christmas vouchers. It seems C doesn’t really have the taste for shopping yet, screaming her way around Baby Gap, and then promptly falling fast asleep as soon as I found a cafe to sit and feed her in.

These impromptu and somewhat mistimed naps may well be the answer to my ‘when can I find time to blog’ conundrum however – I’m sat writing this whilst debating whether to wait here until she wakes up, or carry on shopping knowing she’ll inevitably wake up the instant I’m out of range of seating options.

Given I’m on a strict timetable (rule number one – do not, I repeat DO NOT forget to pick up your child from school), I may have to go with the ill fated option two. But at least I got to eat my raspberry and white chocolate muffin in peace whilst deciding. I’m pretty sure I won’t get that chance much in the next few months.