Then and Now

Flicking through photos today I noticed that C was wearing the same sleepsuit today, aged 10 weeks, as she wore on the day she was born.

‘Hasn’t she grown?’ etc etc. which of course is a bit double edged given her slow weight gain to date…

She is indeed growing up though, as today was her long awaited first jabs, which she took like a pro.

She was obviously trying to butter up the doctor beforehand, as she was flashing him her biggest smiles. And it must’ve worked too as she barely flinched for the first one and had just a couple of seconds of crying for the second.

The doc was also kind enough to prescribe us some better eye drops to deal with her lingering gunky eye, which she’s kindly passed on to me.

Well I guess it was my fault she caught her first cold, so she’s only getting her own back.

Touché, little girl, touché. Just don’t make a habit of it.