Passing On My Competitive Streak…

Remember the butterfly garden Easter bonnet I posted about making the other day?

Well today was the school nursery Easter parade, which saw G marching and singing with her classmates, and…winning the Easter bonnet competition!

Now I don’t like to admit to being competitive, but, well, who isn’t just a little bit? So I did feel a little vindicated in spending most of Saturday afternoon making those darned flowers, and cajoling G into designing and making it with me.

The kids (and parents) had clearly put lots of effort in, and I should add that there were actually three winners, one for each group. I had a big grin on my face watching my biggest girl sing, dance, and flap her arms like a chicken with all her friends as they sang their way through such classics as ‘chick chick chicken’.

And so begins the Easter holidays – the first time I’ll actually have to fully entertain two children for a whole week on my own, before we go off on a little holiday next week. Eek!

Any tips welcome, otherwise come this time next week you’ll find me cowering in the corner clutching the gin…


‘Ph’ for phone

G is learning Jolly Phonics at school. She loves it, but is most put out that they’re only learning a few phonemes at a time. So she’s decided to teach herself some more.

Today’s choice was a bit ambitious – ‘ph’, as in ‘phone’. So I helped her sound it out and made up a silly song about it, as you do, then headed off to school.

What I hadn’t reckoned on was her eagerness to share her knowledge with everyone we passed en route to the school gates.

“Ph ph ph” she shouted gleefully at the top of her voice.

Except if you sound it out yourself you can imagine what everyone else was hearing.

“Fu fu fu”.

“For phone!” I hastily added, roughly in the direction of every mum I saw.

“Make sure you say ‘for phone’ when you tell the teacher what you’ve learnt” I impressed upon her at the nursery door.

“Why, mummy?”

Just do, ok. Just do.