Superhero Saturday!

Yesterday G was invited to the ‘superheroes and princesses’ birthday party of her best friends (twins), so Saturday became ‘Superhero Saturday’.

There was never much doubt that G would decide to go as a superhero, which meant an outing for the superhero outfit she got for Christmas, made by the fair hands of Santa’s elves of course (wink).

The night before the party I realised she didn’t have any clothes (other than jeans and T-shirt) that would go with her pink and purple outfit, so decided to whip up a quick dress out of an old jersey wrap dress of mine.

I wish I’d taken some pictures as we went along because I was pretty pleased with how it turned out – in the sense that it fits her, goes on over her head without having to contort into any ridiculous shapes, and survived the whole party intact!

I roughly pinned together and cut the bodice before she went to bed, using safety pins so that I wouldn’t accidentally pin it to her, and worked it so I could reuse the existing neckline and hems meaning the only bit of hemming I needed to do was around the arms.

After G had gone to bed I pulled out the sewing machine and stitched it together in about 10-15 minutes using a stretch stitch. The Great British Sewing Bee would be proud of me.
I probably shouldn’t have been surprised that G was so excited about the party that she wanted to put on her superhero outfit in the morning, hours before we were due to leave for the party.

In retrospect I also shouldn’t have been surprised that she wanted C to join in the fun, so the rest of our morning was spent making a superhero mask and cape for C, to match the party dress that G picked out for her. Coupled with her new ‘superhero’ nappy, I had two little superheroes on my hands for the rest of the day.

I can’t say C was as excited as G was about her new outfit, but she was certainly a good sport about the whole thing. And the party was a roaring success all round.

Happy birthday L and A! I hope you had as much fun as G did at your party!

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