Play Together Nicely Now

One of the things I’m looking forward to with C is her being old enough for the girls to play together. Whilst I’m loving that G is old enough to be independent whilst I’m sorting out the baby, it will be lovely to see them enjoying each other’s company, and yes, also enjoying the peace and quiet for me, however short lived.

I’m sure there’ll be plenty of tantrums, tears and shouting ‘I hate you’ at each other in the years to come, probably over who stole whose clothes from the wardrobe. But I’m hoping those moments will be outweighed by sisterly affection and afternoons spent entertaining each other with games of make believe, dressing up and dancing.

I got a sneak peek at this idyllic future this morning when G decided to turn C’s playmat into a den where they could play together. Easily done, with a blanket over the top (who needs fancy toys anyway).

So far, so very cute.

Then G decided she wanted to play in the den on her own.

“Shall I move C?” I asked her.

All too excitedly she called back “yes Mummy, get rid of C! Get rid of her!”

Idyll, shattered.

3 thoughts on “Play Together Nicely Now

  1. My big two adore each other – I relish in the moments they spend playing nicely together. I’m sure it won’t last!

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