In Her Own Room (And On A Mission For Some Sleep)

We were more than a little spoilt when G was a baby, as she slept through happily by just a few months old, and continues to be a great sleeper today.

C on the other hand taunted us for a week when she was tiny, sleeping from 11-6 a few nights on the trot, and leading us to cheer “we’ve got another sleeper!”. Since then, you guessed it, our mild smugness has been repaid by frequent, sometimes even hourly wake ups, which is starting to take its toll.

So last night was a night of firsts. A somewhat apt Easter new beginning, if you will. It was rather a lot to change for C in one go, but after a week of holidaying (which I’ll write more about later this week) a routine of sorts was very welcome.

– First time making sure she got two proper naps during the day (even if she didn’t really want to).

– First time in her own room for bed (albeit with me camped out on the sofa bed next to her).

– First time giving her a 11pm ‘dream feed’ to help get an extra stretch of sleep (although she didn’t so much dream her way through it as wake up and decide it was morning already).

– First time in a sleeping bag to stop her kicking her covers off (although a rather impressive bit of nappy leakage means it’s going straight in the wash this morning).

– And first time… Well not really first time really, as we didn’t achieve the magical ‘sleeping through’.

But you know what, I don’t mind that. C woke up at 330 and 6, and went back to sleep easily after a feed. She then gave me a dozy lie in until 9 this morning, whilst G played downstairs with Daddy.

And I got to wake up to this little face cooing next to me.

Something tells me tomorrow will be a bit of a shock to the system, when we have to be up and ready for work / school / appointments. But as long as we get more cooing than crying I think we can manage that.

2 thoughts on “In Her Own Room (And On A Mission For Some Sleep)

  1. Oh she is so beautiful! My eldest slept through at 5 weeks so we fully expected my son to do the same. Nope, he was 3.5 before he slept through! My youngest was 15 months so they have all been so different!
    x x

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