Accidental Eco Mum

It’s official, I’ve become one of those mums.

Yup, I’m a card carrying member of the breastfeeding, cloth bumming, baby wearing brigade. And I’ll probably end up doing some form of baby led weaning too, just to complete the picture. An eco mum, you could say.

Except I’ve got a confession. It’s got very little to do with being eco friendly. In fact, I’m doing it all out of pure laziness, with a bit of vanity thrown in.

Let me explain:

Breastfeeding – C seems to have a cows milk protein intolerance, which rules out standard cows milk based formula. I’m not entirely surprised as I struggle with dairy too (it gives me migraines and headaches). I could get a special formula on prescription, but that would involve firstly the faff of going back and forwards to the docs to get it, not to mention the faff of washing, sterilising and making up bottles constantly. And apparently it stinks anyway. I’m grateful that I can breastfeed (not all can), so for me breastfeeding just seems easier overall. Even if I can’t have cake.

Verdict: lazy.

Cloth bumming – the one household chore I hate more than anything is taking the bins out. I’d much rather load and unload the washing machine every other day than trudge out with a heavy bag full of pooey nappies. And the cloth nappies these days are seriously cute – I’ve already got tons of girls clothes left over from G so don’t have much excuse to go cute shopping otherwise.

Verdict: lazy and vain.

Baby wearing – G pretty much refused to get in her buggy after she was about 18 months, preferring to be carried or to walk. This was fine for Daddy, who was plenty strong enough to carry her about, not so much for me. I tried all sorts of gadgets to help carry her (the Hippychick Hip Seat was the winner, but I did look blimming stupid wearing what looked like a fully loaded bumbag when she decided to walk instead of being carried). I can see how much easier life would have been with a proper, ergonomic buckle carrier or a woven wrap, so I’ve already got both on loan from a local sling library to try out. And C falls asleep in them pretty much instantly too, which saves the hours of trying to get her to take a nap, particularly when I’ve got G pestering me to play. Oh, and have you seen all the pretty patterns they come in?? It’s like clothes shopping for me without the stress of having to buy two sizes bigger than my pre-pregnancy clothes, and without the guilt because after all, it’s for baby isn’t it…

Verdict: lazy and vain.

Baby led weaning – we’re not there yet and won’t be for another few months. But seriously, cooking, blending and feeding all those purees? Who’s got time for that? And I tasted some of those baby food jars when G was weaning – yuck! Nope, C can have (broadly) what we’re having 90% of the time and leave it at that.

Verdict: lazy.

They might not be the reason that the books give for doing all of these things, and it might only be me that sees it this way, but it’s what works for me.

And surely that’s the only thing any parent should be striving to do – bring up their children in a way that suits their personalities, lifestyle, morals and so on?

14 thoughts on “Accidental Eco Mum

  1. I use a Kari-Me wrap sling, it’s good until they are 15kg so my 2.5yr old can still be in it.

    People seem to think I’m some kinda hippy mom, and it’s just laziness. Henry sleeps when he’s in it and I can toddler wrangle with two hands.

    • Glad it’s not just me! I’m trying to perfect a back carry just so I can eat soup and drink hot chocolate whilst carrying her so she’ll sleep! Dropped crumbs on her head too many times..!

      • Funnily enough we went to an all you eat buffet place tonight with Henry in the sling. I dropped prawn cracker crumbs, and jelly babies (didn’t eat them at the same time) on his face. He slept through it, so I figure no harm down.

      • Somewhere in Sheffield called Cosmo. It was ok, but I ended up having a bowl full of jelly babies for pudding. I think i was supposed to dip them into the chocolate fountain. I didn’t.

  2. Hi! I love your wrap — I wanted to know, is it very easy for you to put your baby in on your back or do you need your partner’s help? We use a BOBA wrap and carrier, which is very comfortable, but I never got the hang of putting her in on my own on my back, until recently — she’s got a lot longer legs now that she’s older and easier to maneuver and hang on to me…. Any tips, for the future I mean?

    • I did it on my own but it takes a bit of practice! Best tip is to find a local sling library who can show you how, or watch lots of YouTube videos! The website Rucking Marvellous (I think) is good too…

  3. Fab post. I also kind of fell into the somewhat crunchy parenting category, so much so it’s just our way of life now. I’ve evolved as a mum so much since my first child. Gorgeous wrap btw 🙂

  4. I’ll join your gang. I dont cloth bum or carry because it enviromentally friendly either. I cloth bum because they are bloody cute, and I got them for free so save me money on nappies. I love carrying my LG and the carriers are so pretty as well as being functional. I just need to learn to wrap and dive into the world of wrapping instead of just looking and wanting to join in.

    I think anything that makes for an easier life is a good way to go, and i agree with you that a wash every few days isnt exactly time consuming, and easier than bags of rubbish that dont fit in our bin.

  5. yep, lazy mum here too! could never see how all that sterilising and faffing around was supposed to be easier than just pulling out a boob! and more laundry verses more grocery shopping with a baby is definitely a no brainer, especially as we use an eco-egg so we don’t even need to buy detergent (lazy and stingy 😛 )

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