Cooking with kids: A Weekday Lunch

20140127-164346.jpgG is at school in the afternoons only this year, and with school drop off at 1230 it doesn’t really leave much time for going anywhere in the mornings. C is not really in much of a routine yet, so it’s a case of grabbing time when I can to spend with G.

Last week we had one day (yep, one!) which played out perfectly. After getting both kids up, dressed and fed, C decided it was time for a long nap, so G and I made the most of it.

We had a picnic with her dolls and dogs, a pretend sleepover in her bedroom (I even had to get the camp bed out, though I was allowed to have her bed), and had about three run throughs of her new favourite book – a ‘Biff, Chip and Kipper’ one about a swimming lesson. All whilst C snored contentedly away downstairs.

G loves baking, so taking a chance that C would stay asleep, we decided to break open her ‘I Can Cook’ kids cookbook and make something for lunch which ordinarily she’d turn her nose up at – a cheese and ham omelette.

She loved following the picture instructions, whisking the eggs, ripping up the ham with her hands and mixing it all up.

And more importantly, she gobbled the lot up too. Now G’s always had a healthy appetite, but she can get quite fussy beyond her staple favourites where cheese sandwiches outrank all others (except perhaps Yorkshire puddings). So for that plus keeping her happily entertained for a good hour overall, we’ll definitely be doing this again. Next time I’ll make sure we’ve got enough ingredients for me too!

And in case you’re wondering, yes, that is a dollop of mummy’s homemade tomato ketchup on the side.

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