Bunged up

As parents we tend to blame ourselves for a lot of things. It’s one of those things that comes with the job, but which nobody really warns you about. Or they do, but you tell yourself ‘I won’t be like that’.

But I really can’t blame anyone else on this one.

C has her first ever cold.

And I gave it to her.

I don’t know where I got it from, but I guess once I did it was inevitable that she’d get it too. And in fairness she’s been a little star with it. A bunged up, fussing, snoring, grunting and occasionally wailing little star, but a star nonetheless.

The most frustrating thing is not being able to give her anything other than the odd saline nose drop to ease it. A frustration she apparently shares, given the amount of my hair she’s managed to pull out (grabbing is a new skill she’s developed this week!).

But, importantly, she’s still sleeping! At 5 weeks old I can’t really complain about the one, occasionally two wake ups in the night (quickly finds something wood to touch so as not to break the pattern!). And she’s still pretty bright and perky despite struggling to feed and breathe at the same time.

That said, she’s had it for nearly two weeks now so I’d really quite like it to disappear now, please.

And if someone could take mine away at the same time that would be fine and dandy too, thank you very much!

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