At 4 weeks old, and despite still being smaller than she was at birth, C is starting to become much more alert and aware of what’s going on around her.

With real periods of ‘awake time’ we’ve pulled out the bag of baby toys to entertain her with. Last night was her first proper try on her baby gym playmat, and she loved it, despite her big sister appropriating half of the toys for her tea parties and pirate treasure hunts.

It’s now that she’s more alert that we can really start to see the similarities (and differences) between C and her big sister G at this age. Whilst I’m resisting the urge to spend my time comparing them, it’s fascinating to think about how these two little girls will grow up – how much of their personalities and interests will they share as siblings, and how much will be uniquely ‘them’?

Looking back I can see that many of G’s interests began in her early weeks and months – her love of dancing, perhaps from those early days fascinated by the colours and music on Strictly Come Dancing, her liking of dogs signalled by the walks in her pram where she could spot a dog at 100 paces, and, of course her love of food, say no more!

It’s a little early still to notice these interests in C, but I’ll be watching closely I’m sure. And enjoying every moment of her both awake and – importantly for my sanity of course – fast asleep!

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