So here we are again!

I’m now 8 days overdue with nary a niggle to suggest anything might happen soon.

I went into labour naturally with G at 9 days over, so I have high hopes for things kicking off tonight, but we’ll see.

I kept getting asked through pregnancy how this compared to my first, and the only answer I could give was ‘kind of the same, but a little bit more‘.

I didn’t have much morning sickness first time. This time, a bit more.

The heartburn. Oh, the heartburn! This time, dammit, a bit more.

My hips were a pain last time. This time, a bit more, and my back decided to join in too.

My wrists played up last time. This time, full blown carpal tunnel in both so definitely a bit more.

I had a big bump last time. This time, a bit more.

I went 9 days over last time. This time, will it be a bit more too?

The one thing that has changed is my choice of overdue distraction techniques. Last time round, living in Manchester’s Trendy Northern Quarter (TM), we wandered / waddled round the local pubs (diet coke for me!) and curry houses, went to the cinema and even gigs, and, er, baked bread, apparently.

This time suburbia and a 4 year old means I’ve instead spent my time shepherding G round ballet and football classes, Christmas fairs and nativity plays, sewing, crocheting and, of course, sleeping. Not that I’m complaining, particularly regards the latter.

With the threat of induction looming next week I’ve been throwing the book at ‘Operation Baby Out!’ with all the old wives tales, none of which I really think work, but have got to be worth a try.

So far this has included curry, pineapple, spicy fajitas, acupuncture, clary sage, evening primrose, raspberry leaf tea, walking and a LOT of bouncing on the birth ball.

We’ll have to leave it for baby to arrive to decide whether any of them have had an effect…

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