Nesting: Crafter Style


They say that before you give birth women experience an insatiable urge to nest – cleaning, tidying, sorting ready for baby to arrive.

Having a deep rooted hatred of cleaning I didn’t believe a word of this until, 40 weeks pregnant with my first child, I found myself on my hands and knees scrubbing the tiles in the communal hallway of our apartment block at the time.

I mean honestly, it wasn’t even mine to clean! And it’s not as if baby was going to be crawling around on it.

This time round my natural urge to avoid cleaning like the plague seems to have stayed on top, helped no doubt by an edict from the physio to avoid hoovering to prevent me further hurting my poorly hips.

Instead, traditional nesting has been overtaken by an insatiable desire to craft, and at ‘just’ 5 days overdue I’m well on the way to a mostly-me-made nursery.

Having wisely roped in the other half (and less wisely, the 4 year old) to help with painting, the ‘completed’ craft list so far includes:

– new curtains with blackout linings
– coordinating bunting to replace the old fashioned pelmet
– curtain tie backs
– cot bed rail covers
– decorative tissue pom poms for the wall

And today’s project, pictured above, a cot tidy to store all those night time baby essentials, with both pockets and an elasticated strip which, if I’ve measured correctly, should hold bottles, dummies, muslins etc.

It still needs some buttons to fasten to the cot with, and it’s a bit on the wonky side in places, but I like to think that’s all part of the charm. And to be honest, the bump kind of gets in the way of me leaning over the table to get everything lined up.

In fact, the low point of this morning was The Bump (capitals justified by its sheer size – if baby doesn’t rock up soon it’ll deserve it’s own postcode) knocking a full box of pins all over the floor. One occasion when a pregnant woman’s tendency to leave things dropped on the floor for someone else to pick up had to be ignored.

I’m still not finished though. Still to come – a cot skirt, cotbed sheets, cushion covers, storage baskets and my first ever crocheted pram blanket.

Question is, will they all be finished before baby shows up?

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