Due Date


Hello! Hello!

I’ll say it straight up – I don’t have a great history of blogging. It’s not that I haven’t tried, I just have a habit of leaving things half done. It’s like I only got half of the multitasking gene – I get started on many things that never quite come to fruition.

But today is the start of something new. Possibly.

Today is the due date for our second baby, and the cause of my first ‘proper’ maternity leave (my husband was a stay at home Dad for our first daughter, G, whilst I went back to my job in advertising).

Now, given I went 9 days overdue with G, and have had barely even a twinge of Baby arriving any time soon, ‘due date’ doesn’t exactly mean much. In fact apparently only about 4% of babies arrive on their due date, so baby’s tardiness should probably be forgiven.

But nonetheless, today is the birth of this blog, where I plan to share my journey into parenthood for the second time, and maternity leave for the first time, along with smatterings of the things I hope I’ll be able to spend at least some of my time indulging in – crafts, cookery and creativity.

Here goes…

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